Quick Blog Update

It has been a while since I had an update of much substance. Nobody seems to be interested in my brewing updates so I might just cut those out and stick with software development. I got a Palm Pre recently and there might be an update or two about developing for that. Otherwise, just stay tuned.

I added subversion access to the rpc4django repository:

Edit (March 31, 2010): The RPC4Django codebase has been moved to Launchpad.

Subversion Backups via Email

I wrote a simple subversion backup script that runs on my hosting provider, webfaction, and backs up my subversion repository. I have this script running in cron and sending periodic backups to gmail. However, it should work on any unix based system with python, gzip, and subversion. Simply set the SMTP settings (configured in the webfaction panel if you have webfaction), your email information and the path to subversion and run the script.

This script requires python 2.5 or 2.6. It will require modification under python 2.4.

In order to use gmail’s smtp server, change your settings like so: