Quick Blog Update

It has been a while since I had an update of much substance. Nobody seems to be interested in my brewing updates so I might just cut those out and stick with software development. I got a Palm Pre recently and there might be an update or two about developing for that. Otherwise, just stay tuned.

I added subversion access to the rpc4django repository:

Edit (March 31, 2010): The RPC4Django codebase has been moved to Launchpad.

3 thoughts on “Quick Blog Update

  1. That people does not makes comments doesn’t mean they are not interested in your work and blog. Programming an technical blogs have a limited audience.

    I discovered your blog through RPC4Django and in my opinion the blog itself and the project are very interesting.

  2. Hi
    I’ve just discovered your blog cause i was searching for a module to put up rpc to connect to django orm.
    Don’t know where to report the little bug i encountered so here is the fact :
    When docutils is installed (easy_install docutils, on ubuntu jaunty) i got the following error :
    In template path/rpc4django/templates/rpc4django/rpcmethod_summary.html, error at line 107
    Caught an exception while rendering: Values instance has no attribute ‘default_reference_context’

    After a little search i’ve found this ticket on django wich relay on this problem with docutils :

    Thanks a lot for this module, works fine without docutils, we experiment it at the office and maybe we will come with improvment in a few days (around auth layer).

  3. @franck bret
    I’m glad to hear you’re using it, but that seems like a nasty bug. I took a look at that ticket and it definitely seems to be related. RPC4Django should be using the docutils default role and not the django default role since nothing special is being set (which also could be a problem). Could you tell me what version of django you are using? In addition, a couple people in the ticket seemed to suggest that it may be related to a relatively new apache process. It doesn’t make sense to me why that would cause anything, but if you let me know what you’re using (apache? mod_python? mod_wsgi?) it might help.

    Either way, I should add an option to simply not use docutils so that you don’t have to uninstall it to use RPC4Django.

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