I am a software developer from San Diego, CA.
Photo of David Fischer. Credit: @HelloMelanieC

  • Occasionally I write code in Java, .NET, C, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP or Perl but I usually use Python where it makes sense.
  • I co-organize the San Diego Python Users Group
  • I’ve been working with Django since the 0.96 days.
  • I wouldn’t consider myself a computer security expert, but I think I have pretty strong security chops as far as developers go.
  • I’ve worked on large database projects in MySQL and PostgreSQL and smaller projects in MSSql, Oracle and SQLite.
  • I think D3 is pretty cool though. Check out my GitHub data challenge entry if you like data visualizations.
  • If you’re interested in seeing some of my code, take a look at my GitHub page.
  • If you like Civilization (the video game), check out my app in Google Play