RPC4Django 0.1.4 is Available

Go get it!

I attempted to reproduce the bug reported last week, but I was unsuccessful. A related bug seems to still be plaguing the Django project as well and is intermittent and difficult to reproduce. The bug is especially curious since the code used to parse the text into restructured text is very standard and used exactly as the docutils documentation describes. In the mean time, I’ve provided a workaround for those who are seeing this bug which will catch the docutils exception and simply display plain text instead of restructured text. I added a new BUGS.txt into the subversion tree to track this bug, which is the only known bug in RPC4Django.

  • Provided a workaround for the bug relating to Django Bug #6681.
  • Provided the settings.py option RPC4DJANGO_RESTRICT_REST which forces RPC4Django to not attempt to convert any of the method summary docstrings to restructured text.

2 thoughts on “RPC4Django 0.1.4 is Available

  1. Any news about some sort of authentication? It would be nice to make RIA applications. I have been testing rpc4django with qooxdoo and it fits very well. The only issue is to have a way to authenticate users, and allow certain request just to specific roles.

  2. @aaloy
    I’ve taken a look and I’m leaning toward implementing a system where it is tied to Django permissions. However, from what I can tell, the only way to add new permissions is to have a model and a custom model Meta attribute. Once I have that, I can use a decorator — either another parameter to @rpcmethod or use the Django built-in @permission_required decorator — to make sure the permissions are handled. If the user has insufficient permission, I intend to handle it with an RPCFault.

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