RPC4Django is Now Hosted in Launchpad

After some discussion in my last post, I decided to host RPC4Django in Launchpad. Every release dating back to 0.1.0 is uploaded and hosted properly there. I also created a 0.1.8 milestone which I hope to work on in the next couple weeks. I tried to request a Launchpad import from subversion but it didn’t go smoothly. Launchpad isn’t really setup to handle imports from password protected subversion repositories to which the password doesn’t give full access. Regardless, all future releases will be from the publicly hosted Bazaar repo in Launchpad.

2 thoughts on “RPC4Django is Now Hosted in Launchpad

  1. Hi, just wanted to say RPC4Django really rocks! 🙂 By the way, it seems I cannot use the @rpcmethod decorator for methods in a class (complains about method not being a function). Though it works great when I define a new function in views.py. Is there a way to have the decorator work within a class?

  2. @Harvey
    Currently, @rpcmethod only works with top level functions rather than an instance method. However, you aren’t the first person to suggest that it should. It sounds like a few people might find this useful. Create a blueprint in Launchpad for this with a proposed implementation and I’ll see if I can get it in the next version.

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