RPC4Django Updates March 2011 Edition

I’ve been ignoring RPC4Django for a while, and I figured it was time to revisit it. There have been a couple bug reports as well as a bug reported against South. On a slight tangent, South works amazingly well. Getting back to RPC4Django, there is also a merge request on Launchpad to “allow specific methods to be available at specific URLs”. It sounds like it might be useful. What do you — the nebulous community — think? You can take a look at the code here.

I’ll be out of town for the next month on vacation through South-East Asia. I’ll be sure to post a picture or two.

RPC4Django is Now Hosted in Launchpad

After some discussion in my last post, I decided to host RPC4Django in Launchpad. Every release dating back to 0.1.0 is uploaded and hosted properly there. I also created a 0.1.8 milestone which I hope to work on in the next couple weeks. I tried to request a Launchpad import from subversion but it didn’t go smoothly. Launchpad isn’t really setup to handle imports from password protected subversion repositories to which the password doesn’t give full access. Regardless, all future releases will be from the publicly hosted Bazaar repo in Launchpad.