Django with JsonRPC and XMLRPC

[Edit: take a look at RPC4Django for a JSONRPC and XMLRPC server for Django]

I corresponded recently with a developer working on a Django-powered jsonrpc library. In the past, I have done some work on web applications that require good external interfaces. In some cases, however, it makes sense to make the same methods available via both jsonrpc and xmlrpc.

For javascript and flash, json makes a lot of sense. For communication between client side and server side, jsonrpc works very well since json is natively supported and speed can be more of a factor in presentation. However, if external interfaces are also going to interact with your API, jsonrpc is not as well supported as xmlrpc. Virtually every language has good libraries for xmlrpc. For this reason, it makes good sense to combine the two and make the same methods available to both.