RPC4Django v0.1.6 is Almost Done!

I have checked the latest changes into subversion. Here is a list of the features supported:

  • Changed the XMLRPC dispatcher to allow sending nil which translates to the Python None. This was already allowed with JSONRPC
  • Cross site request forgery framework support
  • Added cross domain access control
  • Added unit tests for base64 encoded binary
  • Added access to HttpRequest object form inside a called RPC method and associated unit tests

Some of these features were fairly major and I am lucky that I have pretty good unit tests in place. However, since most of these features were user requested, I really hope that I can get some of you guys to run this version in your environment and let me know how it works.

In addition, I’m sorry that I am so late in making this release. As of a week ago, I began a new job (although with the same company). The transition was somewhat taxing, but I should have a little more time freed up for open source work now that everything has settled down.

5 thoughts on “RPC4Django v0.1.6 is Almost Done!

  1. Thank you very much David. We will make heavy use of the new features you provide in March.
    And will surely provide you some feedback.
    By the way, rpc4django is a high quality project that has not yet given any kind of problem to us.

  2. @dene
    By all means, go ahead! I did some testing on my own, but nothing beats the actual users using it. I ran through the unit tests and verified that I could access the HttpRequest object by creating a sample method that did just that in the example project. Please take a look and let me know. I plan to formally release it in a few days unless there are any serious issues.

  3. dene :
    Will grab it now and run through it through the paces. Any problems and I’ll let you know !

    No regressions for any of my stuff and kwargs[‘request’] is magic. Fantastic update.

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