RPC4Django 0.1.5 is Available

Go get it!

I finally completed the version of RPC4Django that uses Django’s authentication system. I blogged about authenticated RPC services previously, and in reality the changes weren’t too major. The only thing I haven’t decided on is what to do in the event a user executes a method with insufficient privileges. Currently, RPC4Django returns HTTP status code 403 (Forbidden), but that seems almost restful. Depending on any feedback I receive, I may change that to actually return an RPC fault which is more RPC like.

In addition, I was contacted about RPC4Django and unicode and I decided to do some testing. As far as I can tell, it supports full unicode without any problem. I wrote some unit tests to verify this and to make sure it continues to support unicode in the future.

  • Authenticated view that ties in with Django’s auth system
  • Added unicode unit test cases to verify that RPC4Django supports unicode (it does!)
  • Added authenticated demo site (user = pass = rpc4django, self signed certificate)
  • Improved the documentation stylesheet

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