RPC4Django 0.1.3 is Available

Go get it!

Demo Server

I setup a demo server to allow people to preview the functionality of RPC4Django. Creating this caused me to notice an interesting aspect of Django’s request.META: the attribute CONTENT-TYPE may not be set! I had done most of my testing in the development server where it is always set, however, when deploying with mod_wsgi it was not. This was causing RPC4Django to crash. The demo server is using the Django trunk as of today.

  • Fixed a serious bug where RPC4Django relied on request.META[‘CONTENT_TYPE’] to be set by the web server
  • Added generator tag to the template with RPC4Django and the version
  • Built out the example better so that it could be deployed as a demo without modification
  • Improved JSON output formatting to be consistent with SimpleXMLRPCDispatcher’s XML output
Brewing Update

The beer has stopped bubbling and I’m going to bottle on Saturday. I have purchased ingredients for my next brew, an India Pale Ale.