Brewing Update 07-22-09

I just finished cleaning up after another brewing night.

1.5 lbs Mashed
6 lbs Coopers Plain Light
2 lbs Liquid Extract

1.5 oz Centennial
0.5 oz Amarillo @ 12 min
0.5 oz Amarillo @ 24 min
0.5 oz Centennial @ 36 min
0.5 oz Amarillo @ 48 min
0.5 oz Amarillo @ last min
2 oz Cascade dry hopped

1 gallon San Diego tap
4 gallons of Arrowhead Mountain Spring

11.5g Safale US-05 (hydrated)

1.066 @ 84F => 1.069

This should make for a very hoppy IPA provided everything goes well. The alcohol content should be pretty strong considering there’s a lot more malt in this one than there is in the pale ale. The fermentor is sitting in my bathtub where I’m trying to keep it cool. It’s currently 84F in my apartment and the water in the bathtub is at 75 even after I added 7 lbs of ice. Hopefully it can survive tomorrow while I’m at work and happy hour for 14 hours.